Life is HARD. Mental health challenges are at an all-time high. Between the constant bombardment of news, social media, emails, social gatherings, work, and personal obligations, the stress of day-to-day life can be hard to manage. Are you feeling stuck? Equine-assisted therapy sessions can help you spark change in your life. The bond that forms between humans and horses in the process helps to create unique and healing experiences for participants in sessions and beyond.

What is Equine-Assisted Therapy?

Equine-assisted therapy is an experiential approach to mental health counseling that incorporates a licensed mental health professional, an equine specialist, and an experienced therapy horse. This approach provides individuals who are struggling with their mental health an opportunity to explore challenges and achieve goals in an active therapeutic environment unrestricted by office walls.

Who Does Equine-Assisted Therapy Benefit?

Equine-assisted therapy can be beneficial for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We work closely with children, adults, families, and couples. We offer special programming for service members. This unique therapeutic technique can support you in addressing concerns related to:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bullying
  • Stress management
  • PTSD
  • Diminished self-esteem
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • ADHD
  • Family disconnect
  • Relationship struggles
  • Life transitions
  • Traumatic experience


Why Choose Equine-Assisted Therapy?

Have you been struggling to see real progress with traditional talk therapy?  Being outside and working in partnership with our team of clinicians and horses can offer a whole new perspective. Horses are keen observers and gentle guides who provide metaphors for life’s challenges, big or small.  Research suggests that moving through personal struggles with the support of an equine partner produces noticeable improvements in individuals who have not had success in prior therapeutic environments.

How Does Equine-Assisted Therapy work?

Equine-assisted therapy is facilitated by a licensed mental health professional in partnership with a trained equine specialist. Sessions are held out on our therapeutic farm where participants engage our therapy horses through a variety of experiential exercises, activities, and reflections. Based on the unique goals of each participant, our therapy team guides participants on a journey towards the life they imagine for themselves through actionable activities, coping skills practice, and non-judgmental support.

Is Equine-Assisted Therapy Expensive?

Our partners at ECS Psychological Services accept various forms of insurance which allows your copay to cover the cost of a therapy session. When incorporating equines in therapy, there is an out-of-pocket cost of $50 per session. This fee is waived for military service members. Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga is a 501©3 nonprofit organization; this fee is a direct donation to the organization and supports the care and keeping of our therapy herd.

Are You Ready to Give Equine-Assisted Therapy a Try?

At Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga, humans and horses create a warm and welcoming environment for healing and self-discovery. Our staff and horses come together to help participants build confidence, discover new coping skills, and reconnect with themselves. Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga is a sanctuary providing space for mental wellness through horse and human connection.

To get started, get in contact with ECS Psychological Services and transform your life!