Welcome, friends of James Patyka. You may choose from any option below in memory of James. In the PayPal comments section, please let us know that this is a tribute donation so that we can track these separately from general donations. Thank you for your generosity!

At Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga, we meet around the clock needs of our animals. The financial support of donors is critical in our mission to provide a healthy lifestyle and environment for each therapy horse. Their care is essential for their ability to provide services to those who need them most.

Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Kid Blast


Buys hay and grain for one horse for one day.


Buys hay for one horse for one month.
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Buys hay and grain for one horse for one month.


Trims one horse’s hooves for six months.


Trims one horse’s hooves for one year.


Buys hay and grain for one horse for six months.


Buys hay and grain for one horse for one year.
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Covers the average annual cost of veterinary care for one horse.


Covers cost of average annual vet care and feed for one horse.


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Your sponsorship will provide hay, grain and farrier services for the horse of your choice!


Broadway Straight (George)

George is a watcher, a greeter, a great cuddler, and a dedicated therapy horse. He’s great with children and adults alike, and has a special place in the hearts of many! If you’re one of George’s fans, why not sponsor him? You can choose your level of sponsorship, and George will always welcome a visit and a cuddle, when you’re in the neigh-borhood.


Sponsor George for 1 month.


Sponsor George for 3 months.


Sponsor George for 6 months.


Sponsor George for 12 months.

French Transition (Frenchie)

As a great-grandson to Secretariat, Frenchie has winning in his bones, but he’s also had challenges that might make another horse sour. Frenchie is blind in one eye, but when he came to THS, he bonded with Copper (besties!) and now feels safe and calm. Want to help us care for this affectionate beast? Sponsor him at the level you choose, and come visit to meet this resilient new member of our therapy horse team for yourself!


Sponsor Frenchie for 1 month.


Sponsor Frenchie for 3 months.


Sponsor Frenchie for 6 months.


Sponsor Frenchie for 12 months.

Reeley Misbehaving (Reeley)

Reeley Misbehaving ain’t misbehavin’ at all, she’s just a little shy. Once this sweet unicorn girl warms up, she’s quietly sweet as pie and loves a gentle pat before she goes off for her alone time. When does Reeley really shine? With kids! She loves the Littles and is a particularly good therapy horse when working with children. You can sponsor “Reeley Real,” at the level you choose below.


Sponsor Reeley for 1 month.


Sponsor Reeley for 3 months.


Sponsor Reeley for 6 months.


Sponsor Reeley for 12 months.

Cut Me Loose (Copper)

Another horse with regal bloodlines, Cut Me Loose – better known as “Copper” – looks the part. This tall, beautiful redhead never went to the track due to an early diagnosis of EPM, an equine disease that attacks the central nervous system, but he’s a winner in our book! After intensive therapy and training, he’s now a kind and affectionate therapy horse, and best friend to Frenchie. Help Copper to continue thriving by sponsoring him at the level of your choice!


Sponsor Copper for 1 month.


Sponsor Copper for 3 months.


Sponsor Copper for 6 months.


Sponsor Copper for 12 months.

Kid Blast

Like Copper, Kid Blast is a tall boy, which makes him a perfect leader to watch over his herd. The Kid raced on the flat track and then transitioned to lead pony, but after his back started acting up (Aging ain’t for the weak!) he was able to retire. Kid now leads our therapy horse herd with quiet strength and gentle affection for both horses and humans. Help our Kid keep shining with your sponsorship!


Sponsor Kid for 1 month.


Sponsor Kid for 3 months.


Sponsor Kid for 6 months.


Sponsor Kid for 12 months.