Polly discovered her love for horses during childhood summers in the Poconos, where she eagerly hopped on her banana-seat bike in the mornings to ride down the road to Split Rock stables. There, she discovered the heavenly scent of horses and hay and gladly groomed, mucked, and fed the horses in exchange for an afternoon trail ride or ring lesson.

Many years went by, and she turned her focus to graphic design. She discovered that she could help people by creating beauty and clarity on their behalf. After 30 years, she’s developed a keen eye for brands that work and a well-tuned ear for communications that engage.

Having recently returned to her region of origin (she’s a Jersey Girl, y’all!), Polly discovered THS and knew that this was where she could rejoin the horses and help make the world a little better by giving them love and care. Little did she know that in this giving, she was also receiving joy and peace that she’d been searching for her whole life.

Now, Polly works as Volunteer & Marketing Coordinator for THS. She loves helping our volunteers become confident around the horses so they can make an equine connection that nourishes both humans and horses. She also uses her years of corporate expertise in design to help THS shine online and reach folks looking for ways to become a Helper.