Lib’s parents loved to tell the story of her early horse obsession.”She couldn’t get enough of horses starting at age 2, when she took her first pony ride. Luckily, she was our only child, so we were able to help her fulfill her horse dreams and her competitive Saddle Seat Equitaion career took off. Yes, of course she had other interests….dogs, cats, and pasta with butter and cheese!”
In her next phase of life, Lib became a teacher, dancer, fitness coach, and mother of 3, but her horse world was left behind. When she started volunteering at Therapeatic Horses of Saratoga, she was so excited to again have these beautiful creatures in her life. At her first meeting, she was fascinated to learn that the horses differed greatly from the show horses that she grew up with. Not housed in stalls, they live outdoors with herd hierarchy dynamics present in each paddock–living like horses are supposed to!
Soon, hired and trained as an Equine Specialist (ES), she learned to assist therapists in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). She enjoys all things about people and horses coming together in the therapeutic setting–and watching the connective magic unfold. Her past teaching experience lends itself to her comfort around adults and kids of all ages. Her empathic caring is felt by clients and horses alike.
Lib feels incredibly lucky to be working with such an AMAZING team at THS!