Heidi was born and raised in Saratoga County. She learned to ride as a young girl, but a majority of her horse experience comes from yearly trips to Virginia to visit her sister, who worked in the industry. After a number of years with no opportunity to engage with horses, she found THS and began volunteering in the fall of 2020 with her oldest son and it all came flooding back! She learned to love horses for their individual personalities as opposed to what they had to offer as working animals.
After two and a half years she was hired and trained to be an Equine Specialist (ES). Now, in that capacity, Heidi assists therapists in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). Her main goals are to maintain safety for both humans and equines, and to facilitate healthy relationships with our equine partners. Her knowledge of horse and herd behavior is integral to the therapy process. Heidi’s favorite part of EAP is building the connection between clients and our horses. More often than not, that connection leads to more self-awareness, emotional expression, and reduced anxiety in the client, while also providing the horses with a meaningful job.
When she’s not wearing her ES hat, she is assisting in horse care and training, and getting in as much quality time with the horses as she can.
Off the farm, you can find Heidi at home with her family—her husband TJ, sons Ezra and Frazer, daughter Eliza, and their dog, Champion. If she’s not at home she’s probably out on a run or lost in the woods with her kids.