Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga, Inc was founded by Erin Christopher-Sisk and her husband, Jim. Erin is a psychologist who has spent her career developing her community’s access to the most effective, cutting-edge mental health care while helping reduce the stigma of seeking help. Erin is the owner of ECS Psychological Services, P.C., a large mental health practice in the Upstate New York region. Erin’s belief that animal-assisted treatment modalities are particularly effective led to integrating dogs, cats, and eventually horses into her work. During the early years of exploring the benefits of using animals as partners in her work, Erin and her husband became acutely aware of the needs of retired racehorses when their racehorses were ready to retire. Finding few options that offered retired racehorses a good quality of life and stable home, they decided to create Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga, Inc. Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga, Inc. is a natural extension of Erin’s passion for helping community members with mental health needs while also providing retired racehorses with a new career and long-term home after their racing days.