Rescued Retired Racehorses

Promoting Therapeutic Wellness in Mental Health Treatment

Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga supports retired racehorses in leading a peaceful, safe and meaningful life by rescuing, retraining and utilizing horses in therapeutic programs. THS partners with licensed mental health therapists to provide Equine Assisted Learning Services (EAL).

Our mission is to rescue and retrain retired racehorses to become valuable partners with people engaged in therapeutic programs.

THS horses are given a second purpose in life by serving as a source of support for some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community. This includes adults and children with mental illness, veterans, victims of domestic violence and other populations in need of care.

“What Quint has done is to show me who I am and to help me understand that the commitment and responsibility required to be part of the entire racing community is real.”

— Rick Cortese, former owner of Quintsentialterror

In the heart of Saratoga, New York our facilities include a welcome center, stables, and acres and acres of nature to explore.

Thoroughbred and Standardbred Aftercare is Critical

The Thoroughbred-racing industry sends an estimated 10,000 horses to slaughter annually, meaning that half of the 20,000 new foals born each year will eventually be killed.

USDA documents show that over 92 percent of horses who go to slaughter are in good condition and do not need to be put down.

Why does this happen? The care of horses is expensive and sadly they are viewed as no longer useful once their racing days are over.

Annual cost to meet one horse's needs
Bales of hay consumed annually per horse
Average annual vet bill for a healthy horse
Per horse cost of annual ferrier services


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